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The Sales Authority

Sales and Capability Development

Comprehensive Sales Services

  • Assess

    Engage in a comprehensive analysis of your organization, leveraging our innovative 360º Assessment process.

  • Prepare

    Apply our tools to deeply understand your customer’s business and monetize the value of your solutions.

  • Sell

    Learn our unique 5 step selling process to efficiently prepare to be successful on every customer interaction.

  • Manage & Lead

    Adopt coveted management and leadership skills including on the job coaching and strategic thinking.

Transform Your Organization

S&CD has effectively trained over 10,000 sales people in 57 countries on 6 continents. We are the global sales and capability training authority and are known for increasing revenue through our comprehensive and customized sales trainings.

Our Services

Partner with Experience

Powered by the best minds in the industry, S&CD is a seasoned team of top-level experts specializing in transforming sales organizations from Good to Great with custom solutions on both a company and individual level.

Our Company

Proven Results

Our proven training methods monitor and deliver real results, increasing clients’ revenue to provide an unequivocal track record. We develop customized trainings, no ‘off the shelf programs’, to create sustainable long term behavior change for each client—and it works.

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